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The Science Sets Sail organisational team were thrilled to be presented with a thoughtful thank-you gift from Prof. Dr. Jouni Partanen from Aalto University in Finland - a 3D-printed replica of the Thor Heyerdahl.

In the FAU press office, we are loving how interested, engaged, and excited everyone has been about Science Sets Sail. We are now well over half way through our voyage, with only one final Open Ship Day in Gdansk to go, and want to thank all the institutions – including partner universities and medi...

You were invited to join the trip of a lifetime: a chance to follow wind and tide, experience living under sail – probably for the first and only time – all while meeting international colleagues from your field and exchanging on relevant areas of research. You organised all the necessary equipment...

Better known for modelling discrete-continuous optimisation problems than optimising points of sail, and far more comfortable on land discussing how to simulate gas flows than determining how to navigate tidal waters, Prof. Dr. Günter Leugering led a team of five researchers representing The Chairs of Economics – Discrete Optimization – Mathematics (EDOM) and their international guests on leg 2 of Science Sets Sail this summer. We asked him why he decided to take part in Science Sets Sail.

Market proximity, cruise ships, inter-University diplomacy, and discovering a new maths talent: Blandina Mangelkramer tells us more about the Thor Heyerdahl’s eventful visit to our most northerly port on the Science Sets Sail voyage.

Seasickness, being made to climb the mast or swim in deep water, unread emails, meetings missed .. we considered some of the real risks of joining Science Sets Sail. The results might surprise you!

Everyone has settled in, recovered from sea sickness, and got to know each other – what a perfect time to meet in small groups in the dining room or on deck to discuss research projects and opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

Science sets sail this weekend from a berth at the Seefischmarkt in Kiel! Friedrich- Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) President, Professor Joachim Hornegger, will welcome the participants of the first leg of ‘Science Sets Sail’. Before the ship slips its berth at 17:00 on Saturday, July 15, media will also have access to the ship for an hour to speak to the participants and take photos.

This summer, a sailing ship full of international scientists will bring a mini science fair to five ports on the Baltic. We hope we’ll see you at one of our Science Sets Sail ‘Open Ship Days’!

We’re no stranger to building strong international teams at FAU. But how does this differ from bringing together a cohesive crew for a voyage of scientific discovery?