About FAU

About FAU

FAU, founded in 1743, is one of the ten largest Universities in Germany with almost 40,000 students, 576 professorships, and a clear strategy for internationalisation that seeks to:

  1. Increase the percentage of internationally-renowned top researchers and highly-qualified young researchers from abroad
  2. Improve FAU’s international visibility as an institution via specific research priorities
  3. Expand FAU’s appeal to international graduates

We’ve defined eight Key Research Priorities to sharpen FAU’s research profile, and to facilitate interdisciplinary research across its five Faculties: Business Economics & Law, Engineering, Humanities & Theology, Medicine, and Sciences.

These are:

  • Cultural Values, Religion and Human Rights
  • Electronics, Analytics and Digital Transformation
  • Future Energy Systems
  • Medical Engineering
  • Medicine, Life Sciences and Health
  • New Materials and Processes
  • Optics and Optical Technologies
  • The World of Work

Industry is already recognizing FAU’s excellent research performance. For example, around a third (63 million Euro in 2015) of the University’s third-party funding comes from industry (Total in 2015: 180 million Euro). This ranks FAU among the top three German universities on this measure.