Everyone ‘likes’ Science Sets Sail

Thor Heyadahl (Image: Dominik Hilper)
Thor Heyadahl (Image: Dominik Hilper)

In the FAU press office, we are loving how interested, engaged, and excited everyone has been about Science Sets Sail. We are now well over half way through our voyage, with only one final Open Ship Day in Gdansk to go, and want to thank all the institutions – including partner universities and media – that have shared stories and information about the project. Thanks especially for drumming up so much interest at our Open Ship Days in your cities!

We are trying to keep track of articles and blog posts about Science Sets Sail on our press review page, often either in the local language or in English. We’ve also been sharing stories, pictures and news updates via the main FAU channels, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (use #ScienceSetsSail to see for yourself). Many thanks to all participants who have shared their experiences on social media – and to our own students, researchers, and staff – for sharing them in their communities.

Science Sets Sail has proved a popular and thought-provoking starting point for scientific collaboration and innovation. Swedish daily newspaper, Skanska Dagbladet, put it well: “Researchers in geology, robotics and automation technology, and human rights do not have much in common on paper. However, if you put them on a boat in the Baltic Sea for a few days, the ideas may start to flourish.”

We’ve also seen some of the participants blogging about preparing for and (hopefully!) their experiences on the voyage. In fact, Nürnberger Zeitung journalist, Christina Merkel, who has written articles and blog posts about Science Sets Sail herself joined leg 3 at Tallinn – we look forward to hearing how she gets on and hope to share an interview with Christina in the log book!