Tell us about your experience on Science Sets Sail!

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Sunset over the Baltic Sea (Image: FAU/Regina Oyntzen)

You were invited to join the trip of a lifetime: a chance to follow wind and tide, experience living under sail – probably for the first and only time – all while meeting international colleagues from your field and exchanging on relevant areas of research.

You organised all the necessary equipment (hopefully it didn’t go missing!), planned your travel, prepared for on-board workshops or perhaps designed demos and exhibits for the ‘Open Ship Day’ events. And now perhaps you are home already!

We hope that you had an inspiring time – and will share some of that inspiration with us. What were your expectations at the outset – was it a dream come true or a personal challenge to be overcome? Did you capture a great sunset on film, awaken the interest of a potential young scientist in port, or perhaps peel enough potatoes to feed the entire crew! What surprised you most about the experience? What essential luxury made it into your luggage?

No matter how sublime or ridiculous, please share with us a short log book entry.

Chat with the FAU press-team about what you’d like to contribute, then send your input to within two weeks of your return (or better still, as soon as you have internet access again!) If possible, let us have a good quality photo (300 dpi) to go with your post.

PS – don’t worry if your written English isn’t perfect, our editor will make sure you don’t embarrass yourself!