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Open Ship Days, it seems to me, always have their challenges! For Tallinn, everything would be easy, or so we thought. We were heading for a dock in the City harbour and would be right next to the city center to attract all those crowds of people strolling through the beautiful streets of Tallinn: m...

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You were invited to join the trip of a lifetime: a chance to follow wind and tide, experience living under sail – probably for the first and only time – all while meeting international colleagues from your field and exchanging on relevant areas of research. You organised all the necessary equipment...

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Regine Oyntzen tells us about ship security and emergency procedures, as seen by a non-expert.

Better known for modelling discrete-continuous optimisation problems than optimising points of sail, and far more comfortable on land discussing how to simulate gas flows than determining how to navigate tidal waters, Prof. Dr. Günter Leugering led a team of five researchers representing The Chairs of Economics – Discrete Optimization – Mathematics (EDOM) and their international guests on leg 2 of Science Sets Sail this summer. We asked him why he decided to take part in Science Sets Sail.