Engineering of Advanced Materials (EAM)

Nanoprocessing Team (Image: Robert Boksznaider)
Nanoprocessing Team (Image: Robert Boksznaider)

With the second leg of Science Sets Sail now underway, we’d like to introduce you to the first of three FAU teams participating in leg 3. Four researchers from the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials and their guests from five other universities will join the crew.

From molecules to materials – transcending boundaries and structures

Custom-made high-performance materials are revolutionizing the world of electronics, optics, catalysis and lightweight construction. In Erlangen, materials science innovation starts at the atomic level and influences the entire process chain to achieve macroscopically visible results.

Advanced materials with properties tailored on the molecular and meso scale are expected to stimulate evolutionary advances and revolutionary breakthroughs in emerging key technologies such as information and communications technology, catalysis, energy and transportation. The vision of EAM is to link fundamental science and real-world application in the field of high-performance materials and devices in the context of a world-class research and training program.

EAM is the only interdisciplinary research collaboration of its type in Germany to focus on the investigation of functional materials and their processing at all length scales. Its research centers on the fundamental and applied aspects of designing and creating novel high-performance materials.

New perspectives with Science Sets Sail

“A sailing trip is the perfect place for creativity, new ideas and cooperation. This extraordinary challenge provides new perspectives and personal experiences for our young scientists, while simultaneously strengthening the Cluster’s international profile.”

EAM will present its expertise on the FAU Key Research Priority New Materials and Processes – widely recognized at an international level – to researchers, institutions and other audiences around the Baltic Sea.

The participating EAM team was selected via a scientific competition amongst the cluster’s bright young researchers. Winners of the EAM call for proposals were Dr. Doris Segets and Dr. Jakob Albert. They plan to discuss and progress their project idea ‘Engineering of tailor-made catalysts based on polyoxometalates and nanoparticles for enhanced catalytic performance.’

Around this, they plan to set up a highly-interdisciplinary team of young scientists over the following EAM disciplines: Functional Particle Systems, Catalysis, and Nanoanalysis & Microscopy. For EAM, Science Sets Sail is an excellent way to initiate and intensify exchange with partners, both on board and at the harbours visited during open ship days.

EAM Science Sets Sail contact:

Dr.-Ing. Doris Segets
Institute of Particle Technology (LFG)
Phone +49 9131/85-29404

Dr.-Ing. Jakob Albert
Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering
Phone +49 9131/85-67417