Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Image: Gerd Grimm

Also joining the third leg of Science Sets Sail are four researchers from FAU’s Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy and their six international guests from applied science institutes and universities.

Chemistry plays an integral role in today’s scientific endeavors. It sits at the heart of many scientific disciplines, as science has become increasingly interdisciplinary. With a strong commitment to excellence in education and research the department is dedicated to the fundamental chemical sciences as well as to exploring fundamental scientific problems at the interface between chemistry and other disciplines

International collaboration through Science Sets Sail

“Science is very much driven by personal interactions. As an already highly-internationalised FAU department, we aim to develop new contacts within established research institutions and young researchers that will result in long-term scientific exchange and collaborative projects.”

FAU’s Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy has a long tradition of excellence and is ranked amongst the best in Germany. Its research activities cover a wide spectrum in the areas of Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Food Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science. To build up a basis for future collaborations with partners in the Baltic Sea region the team will present some highlights of its ongoing research activities: neurotrition, characterisation of odor-active substances of relevance to human food and the environment, surface and interface science, computational chemistry, and the application of an arsenal of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to a variety of molecular systems to explore new molecular hybrids, quantum dots, quantum rods and nanoparticles.

DCP Science Sets Sail contact:

Dr. Carmen Pospisil
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Phone +49 9131 85 – 27649