Tag: Additive Manufacturing

The Science Sets Sail organisational team were thrilled to be presented with a thoughtful thank-you gift from Prof. Dr. Jouni Partanen from Aalto University in Finland - a 3D-printed replica of the Thor Heyerdahl.

Better known for modelling discrete-continuous optimisation problems than optimising points of sail, and far more comfortable on land discussing how to simulate gas flows than determining how to navigate tidal waters, Prof. Dr. Günter Leugering led a team of five researchers representing The Chairs of Economics – Discrete Optimization – Mathematics (EDOM) and their international guests on leg 2 of Science Sets Sail this summer. We asked him why he decided to take part in Science Sets Sail.

With the first leg of Science Sets Sail now underway, we’d like to introduce you to the first of three FAU teams participating in leg 2. Five researchers from the Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Technologies and their guests will swap their lab equipment for nautical telescopes from 25 July. SA...