Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS)

Who will be participating on the first leg of Science Sets Sail? We introduce our first team – FAPS

A team of six FAPS participants will use the inspiring Science Sets Sail environment to strengthen its current research and industry cooperation with key Nordic partners.

“Extraordinary environments like Science Sets Sail create the perfect atmosphere to confront new multidisciplinary topics, and accordingly,  develop relevant initiatives and ideas. We welcome the scope to develop research and teaching within a network of international cooperation,” say team spokespeople Martin Müller and Alexander Hensel.

FAPS is one of the leading institutes for teaching  and research in the field of automation and mechatronic systems. Its interdisciplinary and holistic approach optimises social welfare advantages.

The Institute innovates through the integration of knowledge from various disciplines, in particular the specialised disciplines within mechanics, electronics, information technology, bionics and optics. This includes all levels of integration, from automation components such as controllers, sensors and actuators up to the whole system.

It covers the entire product life cycle, from concepts, through to development, sustainable and efficient methods of production, use and reuse of resources. We work on tasks including research and teaching, which are the result of high-quality scientific practices. The aim of our work is to ensure value and to expand new job opportunities.

Please join us in welcoming the FAPS team and their Nordic guests!

FAPS Science Sets Sail contact:

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Martin Mueller & M.Sc. Alexander Hensel

Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems

Phone +49 911 53029077