The Chair of Economics – Discrete Optimization – Mathematics (EDOM)

Optimization Cycle (Image: FAU)

The last of our teams to join the second leg of Science Sets Sail consists of five researchers from The Chair of Economics – Discrete Optimization – Mathematics (EDOM) and their international guests.

Mathematical Optimisation has become an important component in modern applied mathematics over recent years. Many challenging problems from business, engineering and industry can be modelled as discrete-continuous optimisation problems.

The study and solution of these problems is the main focus of this research group. It includes the development of mathematical models for real-world problems, their theoretical analysis (mainly using methods from graph theory, polyhedral combinatorics, differential equations, variational methods of optimisation and integer programming), and the design and implementation of fast algorithms as well as their evaluation in practice.

This Sailing trip is the perfect opportunity to strengthen collaboration in joint projects and to initiate new cooperation. Science Sets Sail provides a very special environment that promotes creativity and interdisciplinary research. As optimisation problems occur in many different fields, we look forward to many fruitful scientific discussions.

The group possesses vast experience in topics including logistics, optimisation in physics, engineering and energy. Currently, it also coordinates the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 154 ‘Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization using the Example of Gas Networks’.

On Thor Heyerdahl, the EDOM team’s primary focus will be on topics related to gas-network optimisation. We also plan to investigate relations between optimisation and machine learning.

EDOM & CO Science Sets Sail contact:

Prof. Dr. Günter Leugering
Chair of Applied Mathematics 2
Phone +49 9131 85-67135