GeoZentrum Nordbayern (GZN)

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GeoZentrum NordBayern on land and sea. Images: GZN

The last of our teams taking part in the first leg of Science Sets Sail is the GeoZentrum Nordbayern (GZN, or in English, the Geo-Centre of Northern Bavaria). Six FAU researchers will be joined by guests from seven institutions including the universities of Copenhagen, Krakow, Lund, and Hull.

The Centre is part of FAU’s natural sciences faculty. GZN’s research focuses on geo-resources, geodynamics, geomaterials, and palaeontology. It hosts a variety of working groups focusing on the evolution of life, the earth’s surface and interior, as well applied geology.

“As geologists, we are familiar with the fruitful environment of scientific cruises for making new discoveries and forging new relationships. Science Sets Sail provides a great opportunity to initiate new projects with universities in the region and attract masters-level students.”

Science Sets Sail will give the participating researchers the opportunity to present their research, and to help to attract potential researchers and students from the visited ports to the natural sciences. The team from GZN is looking forward to discussing science research, expanding existing collaboration, and initiating new international cooperation projects with colleagues from the Baltic Sea region and further afield.

GZN Science Sets Sail contact:

Prof. Dr. Michael Joachimski

Phone 09131 85 29296 and -29297


Prof. Dr. Axel Munnecke

Phone 09131/85-26957